SVU International Exchange
SVU International Exchange
SVU students went to Macau University of Science and Technology for 2019 summer camp
Author:Student Affairs Office Source: Date:2019-08-07 Times:230

In order to further broaden students' horizons, cultivate the cross-cultural competence and enhance their comprehensive literacy and core competitiveness, Suzhou Vocational University implemented the international exchange scholarship to support students to participate in visits, exchanges and studies outside mainland China. On July 6, 28 students as SVU cross-cultural summer camp participants went to Macao University of Science and Technology for weeklong study and exchange activities.

The study and exchange activities mainly take the form of lectures and field trips and are carried out through reports, panel discussions, experience sharing, field visits, etc., including a series of courses on the language and history of belt and road Portuguese countries, Portuguese experience, advanced communication and efficient persuasion, e-commerce, emotional intelligence and leadership, brand design strategy research and practice, strategic game, technology and innovation, as well as trips to State Key Laboratory of Lunar and Planetary Sciences, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Museum of Macao and Macao Cultural Heritage Expeditions.

This summer camp provides a good platform for students to broaden their horizons, open their minds and harvest knowledge and friendship. The university will continue to carry out more projects in the future to enhance students' international vision and comprehensive competitiveness.

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