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Medical Examination and Insurance Guide
Author: Source:国际学院英文版 Date:2022-04-01 Times:10

1 Physical examination matters
Foreign Affairs Office will make an appointment after international students registered, and all go there by bus together, accompanied by 1-2 teachers.
(1) Location: Suzhou International Travel & Health Care Center (No. 738 Changjiang Road, Huqiu District, Suzhou)
(2) Contact number: 0512-66656350
(3) Required materials: original passport, copy of home page; 2 2-inch photos with white background; physical examination fee of 381 yuan (cash or bank card)

(4)The medical reports will be collected by the Foreign Affairs Office 

2 Insurance and reimbursement matters
(1) Insurance items: purchased by the International College
(2) For details, please refer to Introduction to Comprehensive Medical Insurance Protection Plan for People coming to China in Pacific Insurance Co., Ltd. and Precautions for Comprehensive Medical Insurance for Foreigners in Suzhou Area.


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